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Some Best Computer Hacks You Must Know if You Want to be a Hacker

Hackers are the most amazing people, if you are trying to be a hacker professional or just for fun you need to work very hard and know some simple computer hacks I have mentioned below.

There are thousand of things you need to know before becoming a perfect hacker, in this article I have mentioned some of the coolest computer hacks, you must know to become a hacker.

Two-Step Verification

It is not really very hard to break into people's passwords, I'm not saying it is damn easy but if somehow you managed to crack the password you need to worry about the two-step verification process or two-factor authentication. Two-Step Verification or authentication is a process where you need to provide a confirmation code on any service after typing the correct password, this code is known as OTP (One Time Password) which usually you get on the phone number you submitted before or on the official app of the service, if available.

Microsoft Office Macros

This is the another coolest trick with love by most of the hackers, in this trick you just need to send a Word document with a malicious macro. Once the person opens the file he/ she will see a yellow button with security warning, once the victim clicks on the yellow button you are all done.

Clicking on the yellow button will automatically upload malware on the user's computer and in every 30 minute your server will updated with their activity on the computer, simply you get the full access of the computer but you can't control victim's computer remotely.

How to be SAFE from HACKER

  1. This is a million dollar question and we have the best advice
  2. Enable two-step verification of authentication process on every service
  3. Use high end anti virus software
  4. Do not install any suspicious programs
  5. Be sure to not to hacked by Microsoft Word Macro

These are some of the best computer hacks you need to know if you want to be a hacker, we will update the article with more cool hacks, till then try these hacks and share it with your friends.