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Where to Find All Saved Password on Google Chrome

Saved Password on Google Chrome
Have you ever think it that after or before saving a password on Google Chrome exactly where you are saving you important password. Wherever Google saves or stores your passwords maybe it must be the most secret place on the internet and you must aware of it. In this article I'm going to show you where to find all saved password on Google Chrome so you can also modify or delete them from the store whenever you want.

Saving a password on Google Chrome sometimes pay you back, in Good or Bad way so you must be aware of the place where Google Stores your password so you take necessary steps to protect the place from being hacked and you got ruined.

Where to Find All Saved Password on Google Chrome

There is a sub-domain available of Google which is specially designed to store passwords only and this super store can be visit by clicking here.

So now you know that all of your passwords are stored in but what kind of thing you can do on the store, how you can check your forgotten password as text hence all the passwords are stored in hidden character, how you can delete them from your store. You will get all the answer of your questions below:

How to turn Hidden Password Characters into Text

You own all the password but for security which is just for show Google use to show your password in hidden characters but you can turn them into text just by clicking on a single icon, eye like icon right after you password. Click on that icon and you will be able to check your password as text instead of the hidden characters.

How to Delete Saved Passwords

I don't know when we needs to delete our saved passwords on Google Chrome, but in case if you want to do so just click on the cross (X) icon after the password and you are all done, this can also be undo for some moment after deleting a single password from the store.

This is how you can find all the saved password on Google Chrome and also modify, delete them as necessary. So, now you know that if someone - somehow gets access to this page that person will come to know every single password you saved on Google Chrome with the username also, so be safe and be sure to enable two-step verification to your Google Account.