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How to Use Google Earth Like a PRO

Google Earth is the most amazing application if you want to explore the world sitting in home, and I can double the experience by introducing you with some of the best tips and tricks on Google Earth to use it like a pro.

Nowadays it is like Google owns the world, and the application Google Earth shows how effective Google really is. With the help of Google Earth we can explore any corner of the Earth and amazingly some of the important and popular places are available to explore in 3D. Above screenshot of Google Earth is taken when I was exploring New York City.

Fly Through 3D Cities

Exploring 3D cities on Google Earth is the most amazing thing one can had by sitting in the any corner of the world. Not all but some of the cities on Google Earth are featured with 3D, like - New York, Tokyo, London, Rome and etc.

Enable/ Disable Roads and Labels Layers

You can adjust it, whether you want to see the layers of the roads and labels or not. 3D cities looks awesome without the layers but if you want to explore the city it is recommended that you have turn the layers on.

Street View

Street View features of Google Earth and also Google Map is just awesome, this gives you the ultimate 3D experience and you are allow to explore everything even more closer.

These are the some of the Google Earth tips and tricks that people are not aware of, but now you can try them for free. We will update the post ASAP with new tips and tricks to use Google Earth like a pro.