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How to Change Gmail Background Theme

Gmail Background Theme
Do you know that you can change the background image of your Gmail? It is really very easy to replace your boring and old Gmail background image with colorful themes/ images and even with your custom images. In this article I'm going to guide you with changing your Gmail Background Theme.

To change your Gmail background theme you don't need to download any third-party software or tool you just need to follow the below steps.

How to Change Gmail Background Theme

  • First off all go to and login to your Gmail account.
  • Now from the main window of your Gmail Account click on the settings menu.
  • Now from the settings menu click on Themes.
  • This will open a pop ups and you are free to choose a background image for your Gmail.

Change Gmail Background Theme
Steps to change Gmail background theme
You can also use your own images by clicking on My photos and uploading one or selecting the existing one on your Google Account.

This is the method how you can change your Gmail background theme. If you enjoyed the trick be sure to share it with your friends.