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How to Test Internet Speed on Microsoft's built-in Test Meter

Microsoft's built-in Test Meter
Wonder if you can test your Internet Speed without visiting any website or installing application on your computer. Yes, it is possible; In this article I'm going to show you how to test the speed of your internet connection on Microsoft's buit-in test meter without visiting any website or downloading applications/ software on your computer.

How to Test Internet Speed on Microsoft Edge

This becomes more easy to check the speed on connected internet connection on Windows running computer (windows 10). Windows 10 is a fine build with a fine web browser "Edge" which is uncompromisingly better then their Internet Explorer.

Windows has a lot of features and Microsoft Edge is one of the noticeable change on Windows 10. There are lot of Microsoft Edge tips and tricks available which we will be discus later but checking Internet speed on Microsoft Edge browser is just awesome, and as recent report Google is also working on similar like this.
To check internet speed on Microsoft Edge you just need to open the application and search for "Internet speed". This is not the only command, Microsoft's built-in speed test meter can be reach by searching internet speed test, network speed and etc etc.

Not only on Microsoft Edge

This feature of Microsoft ins built-in on their own search engine bing and can be test the internet speed from any browser on computer by going to and then searching for the keywords mentioned above.

This is how you can check the speed of your internet without downloading any application or visiting on website on  your computer just by searching on Bing.